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Gray press Holdings limited

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Related Holdings ltdGray Press Media Inc.

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Gray Press Holdings is the part of a group of companies including Gray Press Media Inc. and Related Holdings Ltd owned by Canadian entrepreneur, Preston Pardy.

Gray Press Media Inc.

Defining your digital strategy is a critical factor to ensure your business succeeds.  Whether it’s a new website, digital marketing or social media, we can help.  

Related Holdings Limited.

Our buildings are more than brick and motar.  It’s where you work.  It’s where your employees work.  We strive to offer the best possible work environment for every tenant.

East Coast Digital

Think Digital.  Want to see what we have to offer in our Digital Tool Box, a selection of digital signs and new technologies


Honesty and integrity are everything in business.  It’s the only way to do business.


We do our very best to meet each client’s unique needs.  We really do go above and beyond.  

Value Proposition

We focus on your business, your needs, your tangible benefits.